ELL Students/ Adventure

Skippy Jon Jones Collection (4 Board Book Collection, 1-2-3, Color Crazy, Shape Up, Up & Down) - Judy Schachner

These books are an all time favorite in our house! They are great for an ELL making the transition from Spanish to English. Keep in mind that these books would be most appropriate for an ELL student who has a more developed English word recognition/vocabulary. I can see an ELL having an opportunity to shine while reading this book. I have to be honest, I get tripped up on the Spanish words while reading this to my children (it's okay because we all chuckle while trying to figure the words out). While reading this book aloud, my ELL could tell us how to pronounce the word correctly and even tell us its meaning. It will help engage ALL of my students and let's just say it, the kids love Skippy's adventures. Another thing we like to do in our house is, Is Skippy really a Siamese cat because my kids think he looks more like our Chihuahua Aubie? Its just a fun guessing book! This book would be most appropriate for 2nd-5th grades.